Home away from home

The worst place to be a woman is a refugee camp

While entire communities suffer the impact of armed conflict, women and girls are often the first to lose their rights to education, political participation and to livelihoods among other rights being bluntly violated. . According to a 2016 report from the Secretary-General: Among the 19.6 million refugees worldwide women represent the half of it, which is extremely a lot. Life in a refugee camp is a life of poverty, limited access to opportunities but mostly hopelessness and despair.Plus unwanted pregnancies, earlier or forced marriages, also forced prostitution in order to afford life outside the camp. 

Starting a new Life, Finding a new home

Home away from home is a program of integration of young women refugees into their host countries. We believe refugee camps are not the right way to help refugees. We equip most vulnerable refugees to start a new life outside the camp. The truth is refugees don’t have the luxury of a short term solution. The problem they are fleeing, are likely to last for a very long time. That’s why they must be equipped for a life outside the camp


We have partnered with Ubumwe Foundation(association of Burundian refugees in Uganda) to build an English School in Nakivale Refugee camp. We want to educate young girls in the camp who spend days doing nothing and not in school due to language barrier and lack of school fees