Home away from home

Starting a new life, finding a new home

While entire communities suffer the impact of armed conflict, women and girls are often the first to lose their rights to education, political participation and to livelihoods among other rights being bluntly violated. In crisis, one in five women childbearing age is likely to be pregnant.Women do not stop getting pregnant or giving birth when disaster strikes. According to a 2016 report from the Secretary-General: now days, around the world people are migrating to either escape poverty, improve their livelihood and their opportunities or escaping conflicts and devastation in their own country. Among the 19.6 million refugees worldwide women represent the half of it, which is extremely a lot.

Life in a refugee camp is a life of poverty, limited access of opportunities but mostly hopelessness and despair. Plus  teen pregnancies, unwanted pregnancies, earlier or forced marriages, also forced prostitution in order to afford life outside of the camp.

Home away from home is a program of integration of women refugees from Camps to cities of the host country. The program works as a fellowship of 18 months where we take a group of women at a time and relocate them into our locations. During the 18 months, the women get professional training, therapy, money management lessons, English and computer lessons. They also get personal mentors who help them navigate the professional world of the host country. One of the most significant problems today for refugees is that their return is not an early possibility.  Refugees spend years living in border zones, many of which are also zones of conflict. Many live in camps or other unsatisfactory and unsafe circumstances, with few means to support or educate themselves.  We believe in one women at time. Our motto is even if we save one woman’s life, she will help us save thousands one day.


Project one: Partnering with Abigaelle Closet

The first project under this program will start by November 2018. We are starting with women refugees in Mahama Camp. Our first group is made of women tailors who can make clothes. They get relocated in a house in Kigali under the supervision of our team and they make clothes to be sold on Abigaelle Closet ( www.abigaellecloset.website). The end goal of this project is to turn victims into warriors.


How to be Involved with Home away from Home

We encourage each and one of you to get involved in the project by volunteering your time, especially by involving the youth. Since the concept behind this project aims to mobilize everyone to be conscious of the fact that the refugee issue isn’t just an international organization business or a State matter but on the contrary that it is everybody’s business. So through this opportunity you will be learning a lot with experience and will also be contributing to make a world a better place by sharing ideas, as often said ‘Unity is strength’. In other words, the more we will be willing to make a change for the refugees the more actions will be made all together as one, especially the young ones. Every talent or knowledge is really needed, hence if you are interested, fill this form : Volunteer with us