Grow with us

Why this fellowship

Entrepreneurship is a very complex journey. It doesn’t matter the books you read, you need someone who has walked into your shoes to guide you. As our founder Judicaelle loves to say: Entrepreneurship is like riding a bike. You have to actually jump on the bike. You have to fall before you master how to ride it perfectly and you need guidance throughout the journey


In our journey to making sure African women are accessing economic and social power, we realized the first step is to equip young African women entrepreneurs and social leaders. The fellowship happens yearly. We choose 15 rising young African women entrepreneurs and they get monthly lessons with mentors who are entrepreneurs they can relate to.

Class of 2018-2019 fellows

Anita Volatsara ( Madagascar), Ednah Kukundakwe ( Uganda), Barbara Abena Amoah ( Ghana), Haleluya Getachew ( Ethiopia), Josiane Umuhire ( Rwanda), Kouyo Vinciane ( Ivory Coast) , Fatimah James ( Malawi), Alesandra Ibobo ( Nigeria), Marthe-Marie ( Burundi), Naomi Njuhi ( Kenya), Ebunde Yolande ( Cameroon)  , Mariame Dibba


We are gathering these mentees for a bootcamp in Uganda

The three days mentorship bootcamp will gather the mentees and their mentors to close the fellowship.