Girl talk, a plateform by women for women

Changing the world one conversation at a time

We understand as individuals women are powerful but as a sisterhood, they are forces that cannot be denied. We believe dial

Why Girl talk spaces

Girl Talk is a space by women for women. It is a program that centers women’s narratives and humanizes their experiences. This is where women can safely and comfortably critique, share experiences, exchange ideas and form solidarity through conversations aimed to create social change. The program aims to help women and girls to put names to their experiences, to unpack and deconstruct their socialization and in turn break different myths and stereotypes regarding the interactions of women as a collective. All themes topics enable women to locate themselves, and share their views of the structure of society. In recognition that many times women are unable to share their experiences due to fear, shame or discomfort in the presence of men, Girl Talk is the space for them to this.

Currently Operating regions:

Girl talk America

– With the  support of Mayo arts, we host Girl talk conversations every 3 months in Portland , Maine

– With the support of Maine women’s fund, we have created Girl talk spaces in Waterville, Lewiston,

Girl talk Africa

-Girl talk Kigali happens every 4 months at Innovation Village

-Girl talk Kampala happens every 4 months in partnership with Akina Mama Wa Africa

-Girl talk Nairobi happens every 4 months 

Girl Talk Ambassadors

We recognize that these conversations and spaces provided by Girl Talk are important and necessary for women. For this reason, we envision the expansion of Girl Talk to occur in more states, cities and countries. We aim to reach young women and girls across continents to share with them the power that is sisterhood and solidarity. . Girl Talk Ambassadors are young women and girls who are passionate about the social and economic empowerment of women. They work with the Director of Girl Talk to identify sponsors, potential panelists, and theme topics. They organize Girl talk spaces in their designated hometowns. Girl Talk Ambassadors are the heart of Girl Talk as they interact more with the local communities in designated communities. The Application for Girl Talk Ambassadors can be found here:  Be a Girl Talk Ambassador